2014 holiday cookie boxes

2014 Holiday Cookie Boxes

Four Cookies, two candies and a hot cocoa stirrer later, my 2014 Holiday Cookie Boxes have come together in a sweet display of treats baked with love.

The cookies are boxed, the kitchen is cleaned, and once again my holiday cookie boxes have been served with a side of humility. Remember that year that I accidentally used rock salt instead of sanding sugar to sparkle 200 hand piped holly leaves? No? Likely because it took several years for me to openly discuss the epic fail. No matter how much planning goes into such a large undertaking in the kitchen, something is likely to go wrong, and I’ve learned to just roll with it. That year the cookies were quickly swapped out with Peppermint Pretzel Munchies and recipients were none the wiser.

2014 Holiday Cookie Boxes

This year I had carefully planned and prepped for a single day of baking and assembly due to my travel schedule. Dough was made the week before, cut and frozen to be baked fresh and the Brazilian Brigadeiros were made ahead of time and frozen until ready to box. My first round of boxes had the most incredible Eggnog Caramels. I got distracted during the second batch of caramels and ended up with hard candies that did not make the cut. Thanks to my Candy Cane Milano Cookies, I was able to make a quick switch and the second round of boxes were filled to the brim with holiday cheer.

2014 Holiday Cookie Boxes

Since discovering the amazing treat boxes from Nashville Wraps more than five years ago, I have gone back year after year for my festive packaging orders. The presentation is stunning and quite affordable considering you get the box and ribbon in one. Cupcake liners are great for separating treats and greaseproof glassine liners ensure that your cookies won’t leave butter stains behind. Other great sources of packaging include holiday tins from stores such as Target and Michael’s as well as the large assortment of treat boxes from Wilton.

What are you annual holiday baking traditions? We’d love to hear about them!

2014 Holiday Cookie Boxes
2014 Holiday Cookie Boxes
1. Frosted Gingerbread Men // 2. Winter Wonderland Almond Spritz Trees // 3. Peppermint Shortbread Snowflake Cookies // 4. Eggnog Caramels // 5. Brazilian Brigadeiros
Not Pictured: Candy Cane Milano Cookies // Hot Cocoa Stirrers

Nashville Wraps presentation boxes
Glassine Cupcake Liners
Labels from Tiny Prints