tips for shipping baked goods

There’s nothing sweeter than receiving a box of freshly baked holiday treats in the mail. These simple tips will help ensure that your baked goods arrive fresh and in tact.

Though quite a blessing, working from home with coworkers scattered across the country has put a kink in my holiday baking plans this year. Making several batches of cookies and candies for just two people is a bit excessive so I sought after new ways to continue to bake throughout the season and share with others. I am honored to be baking for The Great Food Blogger Cookie Swap to raise money for Cookies for Kids Cancer, i am baker’s Desserts for the Deserving and Java Cupcake’s Bloggers Around the World Supporting the Troops Deployment Care Package Program. I am also thrilled to be going home long enough this year to lend a hand in our family’s holiday baking.

With so many delicious treats traveling across the country, I wanted to share my tips and tricks for ensuring your baked goods arrive fresh and in tact.


  • Skip the delicate pastries and opt for a more stable cookie.
  • Brownies and bars ship beautifully every time.
  • Individually wrapped caramels or chocolate candies travel well.
  • Avoid items that need to be refrigerated and avoid shipping chocolate to hot climates.
  • Know your recipient’s dietary needs and make sure to avoid any known allergies. If you are unsure of your recipient’s needs, avoid common allergens like tree nuts just to be safe.


  • Make sure that all packaging in direct contact with your treats is food-safe. All items with glitter should be reserved for the outer packaging.
  • Cellophane treat bags and Ziplock bags are great for packaging small, less fragile items.
  • If using a soft bag, sandwich the bag in a sturdy tin or baking box between tissue paper or paper shredding.
  • Layer brownies, bars or flat cookies between sheets of parchment paper in plastic storage containers. Crumpled parchment paper is great for filling extra space.
  • The key is to avoid your items having too much room to bounce around during transit.


  • Place your box of baked goods inside of a larger mailing box.
  • Pad all four sides as well as the top and bottom to avoid movement during shipping.
  • To avoid waste, use additional soft gift items for packing. Soft socks for a care package, festive kitchen towels for a foodie, or onesies and burp cloths for a new baby are inexpensive items that make a kind statement.
  • Reuse old packing materials. With all of the holiday package deliveries, you’re bound to receive an excess of packing peanuts, tissue paper and bubble wrap. Reduce waste by hanging on to these for your next shipment.


  • Make sure your recipient will be in town. Don’t send packages during planned vacations. You don’t want them to come home to stale treats two weeks later.
  • Choose a delivery option of 2 to 3 days.
  • Priority Mail is usually cheaper than FedEx or UPS options.
  • Flat Rate Priority Mail boxes help save money on heavier items. If it fits, it ships.
  • Get your items in the mail the same day or day after baking to ensure freshness.

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