tips for corporate giving + sweet secrets review/giveaway

Last week I had the oportunity to review a Sweet Secrets Artisan Chocolate Pretzel Pizza. Not only were they generous enough to share their helpful tips for sending the perfect corporate gift, but they have also offered an additional pizza to give to one of you!

The Sweet Secrets Artisan Chocolate Pretzel Pizza is a pizza shaped pile of thick pretzel pieces, crushed ice cream cones, chocolate chips, M&M’s and colorful sprinkles held together with a thick white chocolate. Although visually colorful and eye-catching, my first thought was that this might be too sweet for even my tastes. One bite and I instantly changed my tune. The artisan chocolate is the perfectly sweet backdrop for the salty pretzels and fun toppings. It is immediately apparent that Sweet Secrets Artisan Chocolates uses only the finest ingredients to make these works of art.

Each pizza is packaged with a fun wooden mallet and instructions to break the pizza while still enclosed in its sealed plastic wrapping. These would make a perfect gift for college students and families, but the customizable wooden mallets also make these a fun gift for corporate holiday gifting. I would gladly welcome one of these pizzas in my office any day and can guarantee it would leave a lasting impression. If you’re still looking for the perfect way to stand out amongst your corporate colleagues this year, check out these awesome tips courtesy of Sweet Secrets Artisan Chocolates.


  • Be Original – Nobody wants to be the umpteenth person to send a tin of broken chocolate chip cookies or oversized popcorn (which we all know goes stale after a day of people snacking on it and forgetting to put the lid back on properly). An original and tasty treat will send employees flocking to the break room for a taste.
  • Show Professionalism – Corporate gift-giving is not the time to get crafty. Save the quirky and home- made gifts for the white elephant gift exchange. A properly packaged and professional-looking gift says “I am a grown-up and I wanted to send you something GREAT this year to say ‘thank you’ for working with me.”
  • Mix It Up – If you’re sending a gift to an entire office or department, be sure to offer something to please everyone. Send a variety of options so that everyone will have something to enjoy.
  • Avoid Perishable Goods – You know that box of pastries that arrived at 4p.m. on Friday that nobody saw until Monday morning? They’re old now and nobody wants them. If you send food, make sure that it has a reasonable shelf life and won’t go bad in a day. If you’re not certain, ask if the item you want to purchase will be good for several days or comes in individually-packaged servings.
  • Have Enough To Go Around – Think about how many people will be receiving your gift. If you’re just buying for one person (like your boss), don’t get an XXL fruit basket packed with enough bananas to feed 20 people. The same goes for larger groups. If it’s an office of 50 people, don’t send a dozen monogrammed mouse pads as some people will not get one and feel left out. Not sure how many to buy for? – Call the receptionist. These often undervalued employees are the key to knowing what will please everyone.
  • Get In Early – This one is important. Send your gift to arrive the first or second week of December. Why? Because EVERYONE ELSE will send theirs to arrive the third week and they will pile up at the office and be overlooked. Whatever you do, don’t send it the last full week of December. No one will be in the office that week. But you know that… you already requested off for that week.
  • Send A Note – You don’t want your nice gesture to be a secret one at the holidays! Order a gift with a personalized note and get an estimated delivery date. Early on the day it’s set to arrive, let the recipient know you’re “sending a little something to say Happy Holidays.” That will cause people to keep an eye out and may even inspire a “Treats in the kitchen from our favorite vendor!” e-mail that can lead to new biz next year.
  • Think Sweet – Nothing says “Happy Holidays” like chocolate. Most offices already have snack machines loaded with salty snacks and gourmet coffee machines with every flavor under the sun. A chocolatey snack is a welcomed treat. Not sure what to choose? Sweet Secrets Chocolate has a huge selection of chocolate-covered pretzels, pretzel bark, chocolate pretzel pizzas and truffles that are sure to satisfy any sweet tooth. Their gift baskets contain a variety of treats that are carefully prepared by hand and can be customized for any company.


*Sweet Secrets has provided provided product for both review and giveaway. No other compensation was received for this post. I will only endorse products that I stand behind and all opinions are explicitly my own.