2013 gourmet advent calendars


Make the countdown to Christmas extra sweet with these fun advent calendars perfect for foodies of all ages.

  1. I have received the Starbucks advent calendars for several years now and have loved them. This year they broke out of their cardboard molds to produce an advent calendar that lets you celebrate 25 days of wonder with 25 reusable tins and a magnetic chalkboard you can hang up for the holidays. You’ll find a sweet caramel treat in every merry tin, and one tin even contains a limited edition $5 Mini Starbucks Card.
  2. Each window on this cozy felt house is a pocket that holds an irresistibly smooth LINDOR truffle. Each day brings a new surprise with one of five LINDOR truffle flavors: milk chocolate, white chocolate, dark chocolate, extra dark chocolate and peanut butter milk chocolate.
  3. For the fanciest of foodies, Vosges Haut-Chocolate makes the finest advent box you’ve surely ever seen. The doors swing open to reveal 24 drawers and the holiday poem, ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas. Each day, slide out a drawer and indulge in a morsel of haut-chocolat. Drawers are filled with a selection of Caramels, Organic Peanut Butter Bonbons, Toffee, Mini Exotic Chocolate Bars and a Gnome.
  4. Dylan’s Candy Bar has produced a bright twist on the traditional Advent calendar, this one is filled with a variety of classic candies.
  5. For the Gummi Bear lover, this Haribo Advent Calendar reveals 24 days of their Holiday Mix.