friday five

  1. Damaris of Kitchen Corners inspired me to finally try baking eggs in avocados last week. I’m pretty sure I ate this for an entire week straight. 
  2. Are you upgrading your iPhone today? If you haven’t heard of Gazelle, they’ve quoted the highest payments for old iPhones every year that I’ve upgraded. I locked my old 4s in at a quote of $200 which essentially makes upgrading to the 5s FREE. Win! They lock their offer in for a month, so you have time to order and receive your new phone before handing over the old. It’s a seamless process and I couldn’t recommend them enough.
  3. I traveled to Cleveland this week and fell in love with these packs of Oloves at the airport. They were the perfect snack with at least ten large pitted olives and under 50 calories a pack. I opted for the Basil & Garlic, but look forward to trying their other three flavors as well – Chili & Oregano, Lemon & Rosemary, and Chili & Garlic.
  4. I had to go into the city for work on Friday afternoon and decided that stopping for afternoon tea at Leland Tea Co. was a must. Their Tea Lunch includes salad, tea sandwiches, a large scone with fresh lemon curd and a pot of tea for only $10.95. If you find yourself in San Francisco, I highly recommend stopping in for an afternoon treat.
  5. While in Cleveland, I tried this Vanilla Java Porter from the Atwater Brewery in Detroit, Michigan. This may be my new favorite Vanilla Porter; we’ll see if I can hunt it down out here in California.