easter treats for the big boys


Because gifts should be as sweet as you are – a collection of quirky Easter basket treats for the big boys.

1. Star Wars Candy Filled Eggs   //  2. Angry Birds Easter Eggs  //  3. Minecraft Marshmallow Creeps  //  4. Dingle BEARies (sorry, I’m not sorry)  //  5. Superman Coffee Tumbler & Batman Cold Cup  //  6. Tobasco Jelly Bellies  //  7. Chocolate DIY Ammo Kit  //  8. Chocolate Zombie Bunny


    • Kimberly Ann says

      Please tell me you’ve seen the Zombie garden statue from SkyMall that is just the head and arms coming out of the ground. I’d be lying if I didn’t say that I kind of want to strategically place it coming out from under our bed…

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