14 bite-sized pies to eat in 3 bites or less

We’re prepping for National Pie Day with with a collection of 14 bite-sized pies to eat in 3 bites or less. Is it just me or is anyone else TOTALLY geeking out over the anticipation for next year’s 3/14/15 pie day?!

Pies can be an intimidating dessert to make at home due to both the idea of making their dough from scratch and their characteristically large size. Unless you have a big family or are expecting company you may find yourself asking if your really need to make an entire pie. To help you celebrate National Pie Day in moderation, we have collected 14 bite-sized recipes featuring a variety of homemade and semi-homemade crust alternatives. Be sure to visit Foodie.com for more great pie recipes and collections!

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